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#82 Water is Life (Part I) with Ernenek Durán (OneDrop Foundation) & Carlos Hurtado (FEMSA Foundation). Tripeando Podcast - September 2021

Lazos de Agua Program, the social project that provides drinking water to communities in Quiché. - August 2021

Lazos de Agua Program is a social project that seeks to benefit communities in Quiché by generating drinking water for the people. Lazos de Agua benefited more than 40,000 people in 68 rural and urban communities in the department of Quiché. Great!... Read article

Between two waters: the life of water and water in our lives. IDB Blog - April 2021

In this six-part podcast series, Lazos de Agua Program participants and experts reveal their realities about access to safe drinking water and sanitation in rural Latin America.

In the series Entre dos Aguas, in a sonorous and aquatic journey, Lazos de Agua Program participants talk about their interaction with water, how through art, local culture, collaboration and perseverance they are achieving sustainable access to this vital liquid and changing their lives... Read article

Let's talk about Lazos de Agua. Este País - March 2021

To make the project sustainable, Lazos de Agua combines access to clean water with the promotion of behavioral changes and hygiene habits. In other words, it shows populations the benefits of using water, washing hands, washing food, among others. To do so, it chooses one of the most effective ways to change habits: art... Read article

"Lazos de Agua in Mexico" has benefited 34,500 Guanajuato residents. La Jornada - December 2020

Guanajuato, Gto. Through the "Lazos de Agua Program in Mexico", water, sanitation and hygiene services have been provided to 34,500 inhabitants of communities and peri-urban areas in the state of Guanajuato... Read article

Lazos de Agua & ConvidArte in Caracol Radio - November 2020

Communicating good behaviours in times of pandemic - July 2020

The IDB Webinar Program

Project seeks to improve access to drinking water for 43 thousand people. El Independiente - June 2020

Paraguay is considered one of the countries with the lowest drinking water coverage; to date, the government hasn't been able to guarantee the vital liquid in the most needy households in the country.

According to the permanent household survey, 85% of households in Paraguay currently have access to improved water sources and 63% to piped water sources, while 79% have improved sanitation infrastructure... Read article

Social art developed to train agents of change to promote the proper and efficient use of water resources. Boletines Guanajuato - June 2020

The Guanajuato State Water Commission in conjunction with the Canadian One Drop Foundation through the Living Water Organization have been implementing in the state since 2017 the Lazos de Agua program, which has been developed through Social Art strategies in about 16 communities in 15 municipalities of Guanajuato... Read article

Behaviour change and hygiene: Beyond access to water. IDB Blog - May 2020

Behavior change to generate hygienic habits is now more important than ever with the coronavirus pandemic. Lazos de Agua program is a valuable experience to lead the way beyond investment in water and sanitation infrastructure.

*With Carlos Hurtado and Isabelle Viens.

Much has been said about handwashing with soap and water as the basis for addressing public health problems... Read article

Lazos de Agua: an ally in efforts to promote proper hand washing. Animal Político - April 2020

A "bandit" turned out to be a great ally for several communities in Guanajuato. It is "El bandido escurridizo", a play that provided fundamental tools to promote proper hand washing in rural and peri-urban areas of the state.

Since before the COVID-19 outbreak pandemic, this play was staged as part of the Lazos de Agua project, which seeks to provide sustainable access to water and sanitation services in rural and peri-urban areas of Guanajuato... Read article

Project seeks to guarantee safe water for rural communities. ABC Color - April 2020

More than 17,000 people in 36 rural communities have drinking water systems built by Senasa and 57% of the total target beneficiaries wash their hands with soap and water. This is the result of the Y Kuaa project, which benefits communities in the departments of San Pedro, Concepción, Caaguazú, Guairá, Paraguarí and Itapúa... Read article

The program that will provide drinking water and sanitation in Tumaco. El Espectador - November 2018

With a budget of over US$ 6 million, contributed by the Lazos de Agua program, the Tumaco Mayor's Office, Aguas de Tumaco E.S.P., the PLAN Foundation, and the beneficiary communities, the Water for ConvidArte Tumaco project will provide access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services for 20,000 inhabitants of 20 rural and 7 urban communities in the municipality of Tumaco.... Read article

The Lazos de Agua program will provide drinking water to 20,000 people in Tumaco. La W - November 2018

An alliance between One Drop Foundation, Coca Cola FEMSA and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), with a budget of more than US$6 million, will provide drinking water and sanitation services to nearly 20,000 people in the municipality of Tumaco in the department of Nariño... Read article

Lazos de Agua program will provide drinking water to 20,000 people in southwestern Colombia. CocaCola Femsa

Through Social Art and along with local artist groups La Guagua, Agencia de Comunicaciones del Pacífico - ACOP, and Maestros del entretenimiento, ConvidArte will facilitate the adoption of behaviors related to the proper use of potable water and sanitation systems, as well as hygiene practices that reduce the risk of disease transmission... Read article

Lazos de Agua brand to provide drinking water to Tumaco. Ultravioleta - November 2018

ConvidArte, part of the regional Lazos de Agua program, will contribute to improving health and life quality in the municipality of Tumaco. The project involves the participation of several public and private actors. Fundación PLAN is the executor and provides technical assistance. Aguas de Tumaco E.S.P., Tumaco's water utility, provides financial and technical resources... Read article

Lazos de Agua in San Marcos department, Guatemala. RedEAmerica - August 2017

Lazos de Agua, in its first phase, was created to improve the health and livelihoods of rural communities in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia and Nicaragua through access to safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene education. The initiative seeks to achieve sustainability of the interventions through the development of community structures that are responsible for the maintenance and management of the equipment... Read article