Our mission is

To contribute to the empowerment of communities, improving access to water, sanitation and/or hygiene (WASH) in a sustainable way

with a unique model and an innovative approach.

Our mission is possible through strategic alliances that integrate

Infrastructure improvement | Access to water

Infrastructure improvement

Social Art for Behavioral Change (SABC) | Access to water

Social Art for Behaviour Change (SABC)

Strengthening local economies | Access to water

Strengthening local economies

Our vision

To be the reference partner in innovation for the WASH sector with the A·B·C Model for SustainabilityTM and the Social Art for Behaviour ChangeTM approach for improving access to water.

Our Founding Partners

In July 2016, with a USD 25'000,000 contribution, Lazos de Agua founding partners created a regional program that is improving the life quality of hundreds of thousands of people, in partnership with governments, local entities, communities, and NGOs.

One Drop Access to water

One Drop is an international foundation created in 2007 by Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil and Lune Rouge.

Its mission is to ensure sustainable access to safe water and sanitation in some of the most vulnerable communities through innovative partnerships, creativity and the power of art.

One Drop has been turning water into action for more than 12 years with projects that will soon have improved the lives of more than 2.1 million people around the world. 

The Inter-American Development Bank mission is to improve living conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Founded in 1959, the IDB is a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social and institutional development in the region.

The IDB also conducts cutting-edge research projects and provides policy advice, technical assistance and training to public and private clients throughout the region.

BID  | Access to water

The Coca-Cola Foundation is the global philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company.

Since its creation in 1984, the Foundation has provided more than $1 billion in grants to support sustainable community initiatives around the world, including protecting the environment, empowering women and improving the well-being of individuals and communities at large.

FEMSA Foundation has the mission of positively impact people and communities through social investment for sustainability.

Since 2008, the foundation has been focused on creating a better future for all by working in three strategic areas: promoting the efficient management of resources for sustainable development, fostering the integral development of early childhood, and disseminating Latin American art and culture.

The Power of Multi-sector Collaboration

At Lazos de Agua, our Implementation Partners are defined according to two different models for project implementation.

Model 1- Execution Partners

All projects' components are coordinated and implemented directly or indirectly by an executing partner in each country.

Our current implementation partners are:

Fundación Plan Internacional

PLAN Foundation 


Water for People - Guatemala

Water For People Guatemala

Living Water International

Living Water International


Water Aid

WaterAid America Nicaragua

Fundación Moisés Bertoni

Moisés Bertoni Foundation 


Model 2- Government partners

We work with specialized public organizations in charge of local access to water and sanitation programs.

Our current government implementing partners are:

Comisión Estatal del Agua | Gobierno del Estado de Guanajuato

Guanajuato State Water Commission (CEAG) in Mexico

Conagua - Comisión Nacional del Agua

National Water Commission (CONAGUA) in Mexico

Servicio Nacional de Saneamiento Ambiental

National Environmental Sanitation Service (SENASA) in Paraguay

Our actions for Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 Agenda

At Lazos de Agua we are committed to improve the conditions of all people, and we are contributing in several Objectives though our model development, approach, and implementations.

GOALS | Sustainable development | Access to water

Our contribution to Goal #6
with One Drop's A·B·C for SustainabilityTM model

A·B·C for Sustainability model


We provide access and/or improvements to Water, Sanitation and/or Hygiene (WASH) infrastructure.

Behavioral Change

We mobilize communities with social art through the SABC™.


We stimulate the local economy by co-creating capital access solutions with, by, and for communities.

Clean water and sanitation | Access to water

In Lazos de Agua, One Drop's Social Art for Behaviour ChangeTM (SABC) Approach increases and strengthens the practice of fundamental behaviours such as:

Hand-washing with soap and water at key moments

Hand-washing with soap and water at key moments

Drinking water safe treatment and storage at home

Drinking water safe treatment and storage at home

Payment of water and/or sewage service fee

Payment of water and/or sewage service fee

These behaviors, which have been at the core of our implementations since 2016, are critical to fight the COVID-19 virus, preserving the health and well-being of millions of people. The virus won't disappear without the availability and access to water, sanitation and/or hygiene (WASH) services for people living in vulnerable situations, according to UN experts.

Covid 19 Response | Access to water

In addition, we also contribute to achieve the following Objectives

Partnerships for the goals
Gender equality - Water Organization | Access, sanitation, hygiene - Lazos de Agua Program
Reduced inequalities - Water Organization | Access, sanitation, hygiene - Lazos de Agua Program
Sustainable cities and communities - Water Organization | Access, sanitation, hygiene - Lazos de Agua Program

Leaders of Change

-Maria del Carmen

Micro-entrepreneur participating in Water for ConvidArte project

During the training process I've learned many things I didn't know would be useful for my company. For me, the support I've received means a lot. I thank the Water for ConvidArte Project because with their help, I will move forward and achieve my goals as a micro-entrepreneur in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector.

-Adalis Orozco

Leader of Change Nicaragua Rural Project

One of the best moments I was able to experience in the workshops as a Leader of Change was when the facilitator promoted us and was always encourage us that we could learn to modulate our voice. I always participate; I work as president of the CAPS (Water and Sanitation Committee) and in the assembly I need that voice and that has helped me a lot.

-Felipe Juárez

Xoconoxtlito del Llanito Community in Mexico

It caught my attention when they told us the training was about how we could help each other, how we could work in the future, and more important, how to understand people and how people could understand us.