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Discover how you can replicate and innovate with our tools, in your project or community.

How to use our tools and resources:

Create projects in your community with the aim of implementing behavioral change through social art.

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Discover how to innovate for sustainability

We invite you to learn more about the A·B·C for Sustainability ModelTM and the Social Art for Behaviour ChangeTM approach so that you can replicate actions of interest in your community or sector.

Our Resources and Tools are for:

  • Partners of Innovation, Sustainability, Climate Resilience, and WASH Sector
  • Empowerment of communities and women
  • Multinationals that want to create a better world through social projects
  • Media and communications
  • Academy
  • NGOs
  • Social change projects
  • Create behavioural changes in a group of people
  • Teachers and health technicians from WASH offices
  • Communities and Sanitation Boards
  • Social leaders
  • Artists

Podcast Entre dos aguas

This podcast series is a sonorous journey around the challenges of providing water, sanitation and/or hygiene in 5 Latin American countries. "Between two waters" takes us to discover the stories, richness and diversity of the communities that are part of our program. Available in Spanish for now.

SABC Digital Agenda

This tool allows co-creative process members of SABC activities to participate from a single digital space. Therefore, it is facilitated:

Follow-up from the conception phase

The process of co-creation between artists, implementing partners, and community members

Bilateral communication with the community to follow up on the interventions sustainability

Quiché Program multimedia timeline

Lazos de Agua Program initiative in Guatemala was implemented and co-financed by Water For People, between May 2015 and December 2020 in four municipalities in Quiché department. It was implemented through the A·B·C model for Sustainability -from One Drop Foundation- and Total Coverage Forever -from Water For People-, in addition to combining methodologies and approaches such as Social Art for Behavior Change (SABC), also from One Drop.

Almost US$10 million contributed by Lazos de Agua, Water For People, the communities and the local government, helped improve the life quality of more than 41.000 people. This was achieved through the construction or improvement of water, sanitation and/or hygiene (WASH) infrastructure, the strengthening of both WASH service delivery organizations and the WASH value chain, and the implementation of SABC activities that mobilize and empower the community to continuously practice essential behaviors.

Join us in this multimedia tour and witness experiences, challenges, and successes, through the voices and faces of some of the protagonists of this story of change and sustainability in Guatemala.

Muralazos is also a tool 

You can use it in your community to carry out activities that inspire, stimulate, mobilize, and sustain a behavior practice.

Who can use these tools?

  • Teachers
  • Mothers leaders
  • Water committee members
  • Key actors
  • Execution partners
  • Social artists

The process of these murals allows all designs to be unique and original. Each school and community vibrates through its unique mural!

Informational PDFs, Case Studies, Books and Magazines

Basic Program Concepts

Strengthening community leaders of change through social art

Discover the Program's Case Studies and projects

Books and magazines created by the communities

Kumatz, the snake-river

Learn more about the Kumatz in this book written and narrated in Spanish and K'iche', and co-created within the framework of the SABC approach in Quiche Program. This character of the Mayan culture toured communities in Guatemala, dancing, during the inauguration of mural-mosaics co-created in Lazos de Agua Program. Also find at the end of the book the link to the information and activities guide of the Kumatz.

Historias de agua, community theater anthology

This anthology of community theater tells how and why puppets plays are developed in the Guanajuato Project, and sets out the script of six fantastic stories related to communities and water, specifying what behaviors are addressed with each one, and what are the determinants of those behaviors. (Available in Spanish)

Ymaguare, drops of stories

Compiles stories from the communities participating in the Y Kuaa project, narrated by their protagonists. Grandfathers, grandmothers, and other adults reflect on their past life without drinking water systems. Young voices also intervene and, after learning about their community's past, they value even more what they have today: better access to water, sanitation and hygiene. (Available in Spanish)