The Lazos de Agua Program at World Water Week 2022

On August 24th and 30th, the Lazos de Agua Program will showcase the value of its systemic approach, its results, and the relevance of cross-sector collaboration in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector, alongside partners and leading organizations.

Let's talk water, art, and sustainability

From August 23rd to September 1st, 2022, SIWI will be holding the World Water Week, an event which brings together stakeholders from the water, sanitation and hygiene sector worldwide. This year, the Lazos the Agua will be present with two sessions, on August 24 and 30, with simultaneous translation in Spanish/English. Representatives from the Mexican National Water Commission, Water For People, the Program's founding partners and other leading organizations will showcase the value of the Program's systemic approach, highlight the importance of cross-sector collaboration, and explore different tools and mechanisms to increase the impact and sustainability of water and sanitation investments.

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Enabling development through the power of Water and Art 

Access to water is essential for development; yet for it to happen, people need to be at the centre of every action. Very often, WASH programs centre their efforts on infrastructure and capacity building using traditional methods. By contrast, Lazos de Agua co-creates solutions with/by/for the community, considering their culture and uniqueness, thereby enabling development through the power of water and art.

By giving a voice to different stakeholders of the Lazos de Agua Program, this session will showcase the value of its systemic approach, its results, and the relevance of cross-sector collaboration to demonstrate that things can be done differently. Using creative and unique soundscapes, the session will set the atmosphere for the audience while explaining the framework of the session: Inspire, Activate, & Sustain.

We will inspire the audience by sharing key stories from different stakeholders of the Program.

We will activate the audience with a participatory exercise to collectively reflect on innovative ways—such as social art—to approach WASH and behaviour change challenges.

Finally, we will equip participants with tools and resources to sustain them if their desire is to replicate what they learned in the session.

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  • Ana Laura Elizondo, Head of Water Security Projects, Femsa Foundation 
  • Isabelle Viens, Social Art for Behaviour Change Expert, One Drop Foundation

Pre-recorded (among others):

  • Sergio Campos, Chief, Water and Sanitation Division, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • German Sturzenegger, Water and Sanitation Lead Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Carlos Hurtado, Manager of Sustainable Development, Femsa Foundation
  • Andrea Mota, Sustainability Director Latina America, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Ernenek Duran, Senior Director of Programs Latin America, One Drop Foundation

Convenors One Drop Foundation | FEMSA Foundation | Inter-American Development Bank | National Water Commission, Mexico | The Coca-Cola Foundation | Water For People

Maximizing the development value of water

Adequate access to water as well as an adequate level of service are key for human and economic development. However, rural and other vulnerable populations in LAC face challenges, including last-mile challenges, that prevent the full materialization of the benefits associated with access to WASH services. This session will explore different tools and mechanisms to increase the impact and sustainability of water and sanitation investments, such as water tariff schemes that ensure sustainable service provision, systemic incentives for household sanitation, innovative and participatory behavioural change approaches, and tools to transform community’s perceptions of good hygiene practices, adequate water use, etc. Evidence-based cases will be presented at the session.

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  • Ernenek Duran, One Drop Foundation / Lazos de Agua
  • Anna Zisa, One Drop Foundation / Lazos de Agua
  • Yusuke Teraoka, Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • Edgar Fajardo, UNICEF, Guatemala
  • Gisella Murrugarra, Water For People, Peru
  • Myriame Dorfeuille, DINEPA, Haiti          
  • Esther Martínez Bahena, CONAGUA

Convenors One Drop Foundation | Inter-American Development Bank | Japan International Cooperation Agency | National Water Commission, Mexico | United Nations Children’s Fund | Water For People

Launch of the Social Art for Behaviour Change online course in Spanish – Wash Systems Academy

Art changes lives! Join a community eager to unite creativity and the power of art with sustainable water initiatives.

Social Art for Behaviour ChangeTM: The Basics is a free online course dedicated to showing how art inspires, activates, and sustains positive change. Understand the interconnections and relationships that are central to addressing the challenge of securing universal access to safe water, sanitation, and healthy hygiene behaviours. Social art builds connection and brings learnings to life with stories, music, and dance.

This free course—now available in English, French, and Spanish, powered by the One Drop Foundation—is brought to you by the WASH Systems Academy and made possible thanks to an investment from the RBC Foundation and the Lazos de Agua Program.

Contact One Drop Foundation to join the cocktail

Convenors One Drop Foundation | WASH Systems Academy | IDB | Lazos de Agua Program

See you at World Water Week!

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