Videoclip “Up to date”, Convidarte, Colombia

Video description

In Tumaco, an artistic and musical territory of the Colombian Pacific, a group of men from one of the communities participating in the Agua para ConvidArte project found in music the tool to share an important message to their community in the urban area. Since 2018, the Water for ConvidArte Project has been addressing the behavior of paying the water service fee, based on Social Art for Behaviour Change (SABC), an approach from One Drop Foundation.

This behavior is immersed in the song "Up to Date", which was co-created by men (target community of the behavior), Leaders of Change officials of the company Aguas de Tumaco and the artistic group ACOP. With a captivating rhythm and inspiring lyrics, the song explains the importance of being "Up to Date" with the payment of the service that gives access to water in the home.

Key points:

ConvidArte, implemented by PLAN Foundation, is the Colombia project of Lazos de Agua, a regional program of the Inter-American Development Bank, The Coca-Cola Foundation, FEMSA Foundation and One Drop Foundation. Find more information about the project Agua para Convidarte Tumaco here.

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