The Equilibrio Mural reminds the community of a contrast between life and drought, inviting reflection on the care of water, the earth and its cycles.

Description of the Equilibrio Mural 

This design is a mixture of sketches made by students of the Choacamán III school. Among them, two scenarios were found: one very lively, with intense colours and falling water, and the other was, on the contrary, desolate, with no trees, no water and no life. In the process of creating this mural, a positive view of the water system that allows the provision of the service, as well as the care of water, was presented. 

Process of co-creation and implementation of the mural:

During April and May of 2016, different workshops were held with students from public schools in the communities: Cantón Las Ruinas, Aldea Chuacamán III, Aldea Lemoa.

Previously, surveys had been carried out in these and other communities to make a final selection with the support of Water for People staff. The workshops are part of the first phase of participatory construction of the mosaic murals that were installed in each community.

This phase involves third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students from each school and is focused on generating a series of drawings from which a final design was created.

The design shows a two-sided division
Left side: Water drops fall and the tree blossoms in brightly coloured leaves, the grass on the ground is green. Colours: Blue, green, red, lilac.
Right side: There are three shades of earth colours, the tree is dry and dead, the ground is rocky and sandy. Colours: Yellow, brown, grey.

The above design proposal is a mixture taken from the designs of the girls and boys, several of them drew two scenarios, one very vivid, with intense colours and falling water and another desolate scenario, no trees, no water, no life. The overall shape of the design is based directly on the proposal of one girl who drew several drops of water falling on a small flowering plant.

Inauguration of the Equilibrio Mural 

The process of implementing the mosaic mural concludes with an inauguration event. To the rhythm of indigenous music, the Kumatz snake - traditional in the local culture - is mobilised and the community gathers to celebrate and exchange reflections and recommendations about what has been learned during the process.

The Equilibrio Mural is a reminder of the issues addressed during its creation and of the community's commitment to water management and care.

 A·B·C for Sustainability interaction

The process of creating the Equilibrio Mural is part of the Social Art for Behaviour ChangeTM (SABC) interventions of the Lazos de Agua initiative in Guatemala.

Activity to replicate in your community

The Equilibrio Mural is loaded with fun for you and your loved ones, inviting you to reflect and act on the value and responsible use of water, as well as care for the environment.

Take action with the guide linked in the button below, which contains an exercise to put recycling into practice, and continue to learn more about the themes of the mural (available in Spanish only).

Interesting facts about the creation of this mural

The mosaic mural was built in a rainwater harvesting tank, which is part of the school's toilet block, supplying the toilets and sinks.

Credits and acknowledgements

Special thanks to all the people who participated in the co-creation of the Equilibrio Mural.

Artists: Grupo Armadillo
Community Members: Choacamán III, Santa Cruz del Quiché, Quiché, Guatemala

Water Committee Members: Water For People, One Drop

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