Book Kumatz, the river snake

Book description

Learn more about the Kumatz in this book written and narrated in Spanish and K'iche', and co-created in the framework of Social Art for Behaviour Change (SABC) processes developed in Quiché Program of Lazos de Agua.

The Kumatz, a character from the Mayan culture, danced through communities in Guatemala during the inauguration of mosaic murals, also co-created in the Quiché Program. As a SABC tool, the Kumatz of Lazos de Agua in Guatemala also has a guide of information and pedagogical activities; find it at the end of this book.

Key points:

Explore here the mosaic murals of this project.

The Quiché Program was implemented and co-financed between 2015 and 2020 by Water For People. Lazos de Agua is a program of the Inter-American Development Bank, The Coca-Cola Foundation, FEMSA Foundation and One Drop Foundation. The SABC is an approach of One Drop.

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