Short film «The girl and her song»

Video description

In "The girl and her song", Mati, the video protagonist, learns with her mother's help how to wash her hands with running water and soap at key moments. Spoken in K'iche' and translated into Spanish, the video is a Social Art for Behaviour Change tool, co-created in 2016, in Guatemala.

During the video's launch events, school-age girls and boys, as well as women who prepare food, discussed and reflected on the importance of handwashing as an effective way to prevent diseases. "The girl and her song" is linked to the "Mural of the Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta Mario Méndez Montenegro", since both address, to different extents, the use and care of water.

Key points:

The Quiché Program is an initiative of Lazos de Agua, a program of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), The Coca-Col Foundation, FEMSA Foundation and One Drop™ Foundation. This project is implemented by combining the A·B·C for Sustainability™ model and the Social Art for Behavior Change™ (SABC) approach, both from One Drop, as well as the Everyone Forever model from Water For People. Learn more about Quiche Program here.

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